Founded in 1982, at the height of jumpsuits, leg warmers, oversized shirts and shoulder pads, Retro Fox was a fashion brand based on the simple philosophy that casual attire can be innovative and detailed just like its dressy counterpart. This was something that for years, casual apparel design seemed to ignore.

The original Retro Fox creative team changed all that by developing a brand that quickly became synonymous with style and value in the sports polo world.

Attention to creative design details and perfect fit on a sport polo became the cornerstone on which Retro Fox built its reputation in the eighties.

And it is this same concept the new creative team is applying today for the iconic brand’s revival – with an infusion of edgy and fresh styling into the design process – making it the perfect casual garment.

The Spring 2014 Collection incorporates all of these components into an iconic look of the 21st century.

The fox is back!
Check out @hairylove1 rocking @retrofoxpolo #retrofox #fashion #poloshirts

Check out @hairylove1 rocking @retrofoxpolo #retrofox #fashion #poloshirts